Freelancer, Outdoor enthusiast, Prepared

freelancer 4 hire

Hard, blue collar worker and proud of it. I'm from the old school, but I made up some new rules. Not ashamed of my conservative view and way of life.

Pulling my own weight, always have and always will. Allergic to PC nonsense and people that are offended by everything and nothing.

Outdoor Enthusiast, grease monkey, fond of V8 and Diesels, prepared, loud, bearded, 4x4, riding bikes, Outlaw Country, Modern day Viking, Pro 2A.

Feel free to contact me.

  • Enjoying the fruits of hard labour more than I should. Full Throttle!

  • Respect is something you earn and have to work for. From the old school and honest.

  • Play well with others, but prefer it on my own

  • Work well under pressure and in Crisis situations